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By far our most popular shed is the 1 foot Overhang . It really has the best of both worlds, beauty (for the wife) and lots of room to store all that junk she's been telling you to clean out of the garage. (Of course us men know that our single piston herbal assult vehicle - i.e. lawnmower - or the sub-artic frozen precipitation attack weapon -i.e. snowblower- and other such manly things that add to our C.I. index are far from junk!!) Plus it is cheaper than the playhouse. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to get, this one is a pretty sure bet!

Shed Sizes

6x6 --> 12x16 or 10x20

Roof Pitch

4/12 (rise 4 inches per 12 across)


Yes (2) Usually In Sidewall Soffits

Standard Options*

Double Doors (Except 6x8)
5/8 Inch Floor Plywood
5/8 Inch T1-11 Siding
7/16 Inch Roof OSB
20 yr 3 Tab Shingles
2 Vents

Sidewall Height

Usually 7Feet

Can Door Be Placed In Sidewall


*All options are extra from standard price. Check the price page for prices on this shed.

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