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We at Redi-Bilt know that no two people are alike, and that there is no "one size fits all" shed. So we try to give you the opportunity to add as many features as you want to make your shed exactly what you want.


We offer 3 types of windows:

  1. 4 Pane Wood Windows

  2. 6 Pane Wood Windows

  3. Vinyl Windows

Our standard window is a 4 pane pine window. It measures 29" x 22". They can be placed most anywhere on the shed and hinge to the right or left. The 6 pane wood windows is similar to the 4 pane only longer. Vinyl windows are bigger than the 4 pane wood window as well. They open up and down on tracks, like a regular house window. The vinyl windows seal better than the wood windows so they are not as drafty. Prices vary depending on window type.

If you have your own window you would like placed in your shed, just let us know the dimensions and where you want it placed at the time you make your order. We will do our best to accsommodate you. (NOTE: PLAYHOUSES come standard with one 4 pane wood window.)

We do not guarantee any windows provided by the customer. Meaning...if it doesn't work or if it breaks, due to no fault of our own, you are responsible to replace or fix it.


If you would like screens placed on windows, that is not a problem. They are not very expensive and do a great job at keeping unwanted flying guests out while having the window open.


Shutters are another extra that can really dress up any shed, but they really look good on PLAYHOUSES and OVERHANGS. They can be made to fit any window size. So if you buy a window from us, or you have your own, it doesn't matter.

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are just another little thing to put more icing on the cake. They really do make a shed look nice! They can go below any window. If you are looking to get a PLAYHOUSE, flower boxes can really make it look very, very nice.

Scallop Fascia/Trim

The fascia board is the 1x6 wood face board around the edge of the roof. Fascia trim is the 1x2 trim piece nailed to the top the the fascia board. The fascia trim hides the roof plywood from view. You can have either one of these in a scallop cut.

If you plan on getting a PLAYHOUSE, then scallop fascia or scallop trim is another MUST for you!! Even if you just want to fancy up an OVERHANG, scallops can turn an ordinary looking shed into something really nice. If you are one of those couples arguing between a PLAYHOUSE or an OVERHANG, get the OVERHANG with scallop fascia or scallop trim, a few windows and flower boxes. This way you get all the storage of the OVERHANG, but all the beauty and look of a PLAYHOUSE. (NOTE: Only the PLAYHOUSE and the OVERHANG have this as an option.)


Our shelves are made out of 5/8th inch plywood nailed to a 2x4 stringer along the wall. They can be placed anywhere convenient and can be most any size. (Our standard size is 1 foot deep) They are very strong and relatively cheep to have installed. Plus think of all the more great stuff you can put in your shed! Shelves really do add a lot more storage space.


Benches are pretty much the same as the shelves, but are lower. They can be sitting benches for a PLAYHOUSE, or a small work bench for that 10x12 OVERHANG you want.


All sheds, with the exception of 6x8s, can have lofts put in them. They are built out of 5/8 inch plywood nailed onto 2x4 stringers. If you want to really maximize your storing capacity, this is the way to do it!


If you need additional or special doors to make your shed exactly what you want, that is not a problem! We have several different door options to meet you needs.

  1. Additional Doors

  2. Door Placement (Side or Endwalls)

  3. Guaranteed Door Opening Size

  4. Dutch Doors

Additional Doors

All sheds, except the PLAYHOUSE and ALL 6x8 sheds, come standard with double doors. If more doors are needed that is not a problem. Maybe you want a single door in the front and double doors in the back. Not a problem. Just tell us how many you need and where you want them placed and it will be done.
Door Placement (Side or Endwalls)

The OVERHANG and GABLE sheds give you the option of placing the doors in either the endwall (standard) or the sidewall. There is no additional charge for door placement. Just let us know at the time you place your order where you would like them placed. Only the OVERHANG and GABLE have the option of doors in the sidewalls. (NOTE: If the doors need to be at an exact measurement to line up with something else (i.e. sidewalk or gate), it is VERY IMPORTANT that you tell us BEFORE HAND what that measurement is. If you don't and we have to make special modifications to the shed later to make things right, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR IT!)
Guaranteed Door Opening Size

All double door sheds come with a door opening width of 48" (two 24 inch doors) or bigger, guaranteed. may get a bigger opening, but you are guaranteed at least a 48" opening. But maybe you need to be guaranteed a bigger opening because you need to fit that big ol' John Deere lawn mower through it. That is not a problem either. For a few dollars you can guarantee any opening you need (up to 64"). Just let us know, at the time you order, what size opening you need and we'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.
Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors are doors that are split in the middle so they open at the top or bottom. They can also be latched so they open and close together as well. They look really nice on PLAYHOUSES. Most people get Dutch Doors so they can close the bottom half and still have the top open to let fresh air and sunlight in while working inside. (NOTE: Small fingers can more easly get smashed with Dutch Doors)

Treated Floor

Our standard floor is a 5/8th inch pine floor. And under normal circumstances this floor will last for many years without any problems. But if you feel that a more heavy duty floor is needed, we can put in a green treated floor. A green treated floor is one where the wood has been treated with a chemical to prevent it from rotting from moisture. Our floors are built on 4x4 skids that come green treated already. A green treated floor is more expensive, so unless your shed is in an area, like a low spot or next to a lake, where it is going to be exposed to more moisture than normal, you may want to just go with the standard floor. If you have any questions wether a green treated floor is what you need or not, just ask and we'll do our best to advise you which is the best for your needs.

Felt Paper

Felt pater is the black paper you see put down on roofs before the shingles. We normally do not put down felt pater and here is why. We feel that it really is a waste of your money and our time. Felt paper does nothing to keep moisture out after a building has been shingled. Your shingles do all the work. The reason builders put it down on houses is to prevent rain from leaking into the house before it gets shingled. But since all our sheds are built in one day, it really serves no purpose. Some say that it prevents moisture from leaking in case a wind storm blows off you shingles. But trust me, if wind blows off our shingles, you are going to have a whole lot more to worry about than water leaking through your roof. But if you really feel that it us absolutely necessary to have it put on, we will.


If you are looking at hauling heavy wheeled equipment in and out of your shed, you should consider getting a ramp. They can make getting that lawn mower or snow blower in and out a lot easier with out the cursing.

They are made of 1 1/4" green treated decking boards, so you know that they are going to last for a good long time.

Taller Walls

All our buildings come with a standard wall height for their particular styles. For example the OVERHANG and GABLE come with 7 foot side walls standard, and the PLAYHOUSE comes with 6 foot sidewalls standard. If you feel that you need higher side walls we can build them. The tallest we can go is 8 feet.

If you plan on having a lot of shelves or a loft for storage space, higher walls may be well worth the extra money, but keep in mind that they may make you building look a little out of proportioned (tall and skinny). Because of this, we recommend only adding higher walls to our bigger sheds (i.e. 10x12 or 10x10)

Custom Shingles

We offer a variety of shingle colors that come free with your shed order. You can choose from:

  • Black

  • Bark Brown

  • Desert Tan (light brown)

  • Weathered Gray (dark grey)

  • Dual Grey (light gray)

  • Shasta White

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